Nuke in My Head, But I'm Still Into It

Whoa, we got out the other end of 2020. 

It was a bizarre one that's for sure, we probably wouldn't be here if it hadn't been so bizarre, but we also got to put out some very special releases.

The DZ fizz was a no brainer from the get-go. One of Australia's favourite high-energy bands, paired with the absolute authority on organics in Western Australian wine, Blind Corner.

When we first sat down with Shane from DZ and started talking plonk, we were immediately blown away by his already established knowledge on wine. One of the first wines he mentioned as a past favourite was the white pet nat by Canberran-stalwarts of natural wine, Sassafras.  Instant kudos!

Blind Corner I have worked with many times over years, Ben and I have shared many a tin or a glass and talked about all kinds of things from the intricacies of organic certification, to making a wine called Cabernet Corpse  (watch this space). Blind Corner sparkling, either pet nat or their cleaner cremant, have always been held in very high esteem among all kinds of scenes. The fact that we had all been playing Tony Hawk in our down time, listening to DZ was a happy coincidence.

We caught up with Shane in the studio once we had the wine finished and chatted all kinds of things as well as going through some of BC's other tasty drops.

This was an absolute pleasure to put together for us, and we couldn't imagine a much better soundtrack or tastetrack your summer than this refreshing fizz.

Positive Rising: Part 2 comes out this year, which already gives us some more good news to look forward to. 

Grab a bottle, check out our chat below and taste the positivity!