But with our imagination, the Barney bag and plenty of cheesey (or non-cheesy) discs of deliciousness, choosing the right wine should be a flipping good time.

We will of course list the classics - but will try lift our game to accomodate to all walks of pizza life.

These won't be rated - just matched, everyone can have their own number 1!


01. Little Reddie NEW! Nebbiolo/Refosco.

No piiza/wine list would be complete without this High Value, High Crushability red from Little Reddie. Taking grapes of normally bold and masculine reputation, and giving them a fresh outlook on life with bright acid, fresh crunchy red fruit and a lighter ABV, make this the perfect accompaniment to any slice.

SLICE TO MEET YOU: Grandma's Square Pie - Leonardo's Pizza Palace, Melbourne.


02. Worlds Apart Wine - King of the Beach Nero d'Avola.

Taking the Sicilian native grape Nero d'Avola by way of McLaren Vale, guided gently to fruition by Ochota Barrels alumni, Louis Schofield. Fine grip of tannins and leafy, herbal accents make this a banger for meats and bitter greens, just like this Mullim scorcher...

SLICE OF HEAVEN: Salsiccia w/ Cavalo Nero & Tallegio -Milk & Honey, Mullimbimby.

03. Domaine Bellevue Muscadet.

Sacre bleu! French wine on a pizza matching list? Sacrilege! They said the same thing about clams on a pie too, so suck eggs purists! When it comes to anything salty in food, muscadet is a sure bet, especially shellfish, this is a mineral driven wine, but the extra time on lees gives it a silky, satin-like mouthfeel that is just so damn good with the chilli oil on this slice...

TOO SHELLFISH TO SHARE: Clam Pizza -Bella Brutta, Sydney.

04. Worlds Apart Wines Mountain Tops Pinot Noir.

To get amongus the fungus, look not firther than a decent pinot. But checking into WAW's arsenal proves even more rewarding with this release. Light and pretty, frisky with hints of earth and mushroom, brisked up with zingy wild red fruit.

FUNGUYS FINISH LAST: Funguy Pizza Dimitri's Pizzeria, Sydney

05. Sete Tropicale.

Look, we won't get into an argument, what you allow on your pizza is between you and your god... but if you did want to put a little something controversial on there, then this fruity, rambunctious skinsy number would be the perfect accompaniment.

HAWAIIAN - Anywhere that serves it.


06. Allevare Novello Shiraz (VEGAN)

You can pretty much set your watch to all of our wine being vegan, but this number with a little cheeseless slice of Gigi's fine Marinara is just all time.


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